Safety features to look out for in a chainsaw

Safety features to look out for in a chainsaw

A chainsaw is a portable saw that has a high speed rotating chain with a set of teeth running along the guide bar. They are used to perform various activities like tree felling, pruning,firewood harvesting and fire suppression in the forest.

They can be classified into two main categories i.e. gas-powered chainsaws and battery-powered chainsaws. The mostly widely used chainsaws are the gas –powered ones because they are more powerful than battery powered however, they have more drawbacks. For example, they are noisier and environment unfriendly since they emit dangerous fumes when operating.

Before you can purchase the best chainsaw under 200 dollars or 500 dollars, you should look out for several safety features.

Chainsaw safety features

Below are some of the safety features to look out for when buying a chainsaw.

Chain brake

Most chainsaw accidents are caused by the kicks back. Normally, kickback occurs when the upper tip of the chain bar encounters something to cut making the bar tip to go upwards and the saw gets thrown backwards towards the operator because of the rotating chain force.

The only way of avoiding kickback is by ensuring the bar tip does not encounter the material your cutting. However,sometimes kickback happens when saw operator is not aware and that why most saws have chain brake safety feature. Chain brake can stop kickback in seconds before you areinjured. It is mostly activated by either wrist or saw motion during kickback.

Chain catcher

Another chainsaw safety feature is chain catcher and it helps in preventing the chain from being thrownbackwards towards the person operating the saw.

Sometimes when cutting a piece of log, that you have placed on a saw horse, the chain can break and if there is no safety feature to control, it will come towards you causing injuries that why chainsaws have chain catcher.

Mostly, all chain catchers are made using aluminum so that they cannot damage the chain.

Safety throttle

To prevent the chain from rotating in case the trigger is pressedaccidentally. Thethrottle helps in preventing hot starting while the saw is still on the floor and your leg inside the handle.

On and off switch/Kill Switch

Most gas-powered chainsaws have kill switch or on and off switch that is used in stopping the engine from running in order to prevent ignition coil from starting. The switch should be clearly marked showing the stop and on position.

Right hand guard

Right hand guard is used  in protecting  your hands and fingers in case the chain break and jumps off.

Anti-vibration system

Prolonged exposer of excess vibration can lead to a Syndrome called hand-arm vibration (HAVS).Mostly saws are divided into two parts. The most vibrating part it has spring and rubber bushes that provide suspension and reduce vibration.


Before you purchase a chainsaw, make sure you check out safety features because they are very important. Most of chainsaw accidents are also caused by neglect and failure to understand purpose of each saw part.